Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Twins Feeding Themselves

When did you, Mom, Dad or Mom and Dad, begin showing your twins how they can feed themselves? Well, I only began showing my twins yesterday. That's right, only yesterday and I am finding out it is messy, messy, messy. But, it is not only messy, but time consuming. My twins just do not like it. They still like Mommy or Daddy feeding them.

At what age did you begin showing your twins how to feed themselves?

My twins will be two years old in November. Do you think I have started to late?

Personally, I do not. Only because I know my twins. I know their personalities, their likes and dislikes. This feeding themselves their own breakfast, lunch or dinner is not up their alley.

They love self-feeding themselves snacks and such, but the major meals of the day is a lot harder than I thought. Especially since they are so picky and going on two are still not eating table food.

Goodness, gracious...

What is a Mommy to do!!

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