Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday To Mommy

Yes, today, September 30th, is my birthday. Yeah, another year older and hopefully wiser!

Last night my Aunt and Uncle came over like they do every month to see their twin great nieces and to celebrate my birthday. We all went to Chili's and had a very nice time. Even our twins were being good.

Twin "B" was sitting in between Mommy and Uncle, while Twin "A" was sitting in between Daddy and Auntie. Twin "B" could hear a baby across from us and she kept pointing to the baby and saying, "Baby".

My twins voices are so sweet and just adorable.

For a dessert, I got the Chocolate Molten Cake which is just amazing. You have to try it next time you are at Chili's.

Then today, my actual birthday, my husband's Dad and Mom came over to watch their twin grand babies while we went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was quick and so good. This place in town makes the best "authentic" Mexican food and at a very good price as well.

While my hubby and I were eating, I began to get these smells or scents as you will, in my nose from when my twins were born preemies and in the NICU. It is the weirdest thing. Have you ever had a smell or scent come back to you from a long time ago or even recently? Well, this smell or scent was of me feeding my twins their preemie gavage formula (NeoSure). You see, when my twins were born, they could not feed from a baby bottle yet, so they had to be gavage fed (through a tube) . I would have to hold the tube up high or low for them to get more or less food into their tiny developing bodies.

Anyway, that scent of preemie formula, which was and still is, very expensive, found its way into my nose this evening. In fact, I can still smell it right now. It brings back good memories and also brings tears to my eyes because I remember how fragile my twins were for those two weeks they had to be in an incubator connected to an oxygen tank until they could breath on their own.

Now, today, you would never know they were once preemies and myself and my family have the Lord the thank for their rapid grown and ability to learn without any repercussions from being born so little.

So, that is my story today.

Have a blessed evening everyone!

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