Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Are you looking for ways to earn some money with your blog?

Since I began creating my own blog, I have been looking for ways to earn some extra money. I am a stay at home Mom of twins. I love being a stay at home Mom too. But, it is also nice to put my computer and writing skills to work for me.

I began blogging in March and ever since then, I joined many blog communities which showed me ways to earn so extra money at home, with my blog.

Recently, I asked my fellow bloggers where I could go to write ads or reviews on my blog and get paid. One of the companies I was directed to was Smorty. Smorty teams up with advertisers and bloggers. You see, advertisters hire bloggers to review their website for a minimal fee. So, there is no more writing ads with Smorty. Now, the blogger get to look at a website, read about what that company does, and write a review. If I had more than one blog, I could also earn more. But,at this time, all I have is this blog. But believe me, I have been thinking about creating another blog soon.

With a company like Smorty, why go anywhere else to write opinion peices?

Happy writing!
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