Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Twins and Daddy Today

When Daddy came home, our sweeties were playing at the window bench and running all over our great room. I told them, "Daddy's home. Go see Daddy."

At this time, I was laying on our big chair, almost asleep. I fact, when Daddy came into our great room I said, "I'm tired and need to sleep." So, I began falling asleep while Daddy played with our sweeties.

As I was falling asleep, I could hear the Republican Debate on Fox News. I really liked the things Huckabee and Paul were talking about. But the other candidates, they exhumed arrogance and really puffed themselves up. Arrogance, I am not a fan of, nor will arrogance get my vote; among other issues they talked about.

Daddy had washed our sweeties and I could hear him say, "Run to Mommy." As soon as our sweeties get out of the bathtub, we always dry them off and they run around in their birthday suits. Oh goodness, they LOVE doing that. Even if they fall down, flat on their backs or faces. They never learn. They are all about excitement and being free!!

For their nightwear, Daddy put them in this Huntington Beach white T I purchased for them on our August trip to see my family.

Daddy just loves his little sweeties and they adore Daddy.

This is the way it should to.

Have a blessed evening everyone!!

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