Friday, September 14, 2007

Do your Twins still get up for an evening Diaper Change?

Well, mine do. Even at 22 months. If yours do not, what are you doing to make this so.

Do you stop giving them liquid after a certain time period?

You see, I do that. No more liquids after 8PM.

But, that does not mean the liquids they had before 8PM are not going to finally make its way into their diapers, right?

So, it seems to be babies waking up for a diaper change is unpredictable. For, you never know when they will want to "make water".

The first time I heard this saying was from Driving Miss Daisy. I loved it! It obviously is an old fashioned and polite way of saying someone has to go the bathroom. Too bad we do not talk like this today.

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