Saturday, September 22, 2007

Play Group with my Twins

Today, play group was at my home. Two of my church friends came over with their children. Well, when they arrived, Twin "B" went into crying mode. I mean, she did not hold back. Oh no, she cried in my ears, she cried as she ran to me and she would not leave my lap for at least 15 minutes.

Yeah, we do not get out that much and this is why I really love play group. Especially at homes where it is more comfortable.

My church as created a little group with no more than 6-7 parents at any given time.

After Twin "B" calmed down and realized these are her friends, she actually began to play with them. Honestly, I think she has a short attention span when it comes to seeing people she does not see on a normal basis.

Well, she sees them at church, but when a week goes by, I guess her memory would become a little fuzzy.

Twin "A" was not as bad off as her sister. Twin "A" did sit on my lap, but no tears. Twin "A" actually got up and began playing with her peers or friends if you will.

We actually had a good day after all the kids began playing together.

Well, until this Sunday at church and next Friday for playgroup..

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