Friday, September 7, 2007

Playdate with Twins and Friends

Every Friday, and Wednesday's too, my sweeties and I try to make it to our play date.

This morning, after I changed my twins out of their sleepwear, I sat on our BIG chair until 10:00AM, then, said to myself, "Self, get off you duff and let's go to playgroup."

So, we did, I got the truck started, put my purse and diaper bag in the truck, then loaded my sweetie pie twins in the truck.

We arrived at my friends home around 10:25.

Entering my friends home, Twin "B" began to cry. Oh goodness, she is so sensitive. Her sister, Twin "A", just looks at her as if, "Why are you crying? We know these people, silly."

For the first 15 minutes, Twin "B" sat on my lap while her sister sat on my right side. Then, finally, both my girls relaxed and broke away from me.

We really need to do this every week. I mean, they are so attached to me it is not funny. In the beginning, it was cute, even sweet. It made me feel loved. But now, at 22 months, I want them to be a little independent and spread their little wings.

They are not fans of having Mommy out of sight.

Around 12:20, I started my truck, put the diaper bag in the truck and then, loaded my sweeties.

While leaving, I noticed a friend and ex-co worker on mine in the bend or corner house. So, I stopped in front of her home and said, "Xxxxxxx, I had no idea you lived here?" She said, "Yeah, I have lived here for, ever." She also knows my other friend from church who lives across from my playdate friend, Xxxxx. Well, I invited her to our next play date next week since she can walk over to her home. I also gave her my home number to call me.

So, that is where she lives! Yeah, one more playmate for my girls.

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