Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Time You PINGO Your International Calls

Cheap PrePaid Phone Card
Discount Long Distance
Global Phone Card
Instant Calling Card

Spending too much money on your international cellular phone calls?

Pingo gives their consumers and business customers a prepaid service which is unsurpassed.
Pingo has no hidden fees and no surprises. Plus, they give the best competitive rates worldwide, hands down!

When you sign up with Pingo, you will receive 5 hours of free international calls.

Because you signed up from this post, you will receive a $3.000 discount when you use this code: "ppp3" .

What is better than this is when you sign up, you will get a $25.00 calling card for only $17.00.

If you are, and I am sure you are, look no further than Pingo. That's right, Pingo gives you clear and reliable calls; Pingo's proven network will guarantee it. Are you making called from America to your have family in India? Well, check these prices out: 7.3 cents per minute. Unbelievable!

What about calling Taiwan for only 9.0 cents per minute or Cayman Islands for 16.5 cents per minute. Those rates are amazing.

Did you know Pingo also has a family plan? That's right, Pingo has a Pro Business & Family Plan which allows you to go global with no equipment to purchase. All you get is easy billing and management with amazing bundled saving.

Are you a Pingo RateWatcher? If you are, you will save you from the hassle of digging through piles of prepaid calling card offers to see if you are getting really low phone care rates.

With Pingo Mobile, you will save up to 90% on your international calls and with Pingo's calling card affiliate program, you will get paid $15.00 for each customer you refer. You can not go wrong with that!

Since Pingo uses the iBasis state-of-the-art technology from industry leaders like Cisco Systems and the worldwide Internet, you will have high quality global long distance phone service which delivers over 1.1 billion International phone card minutes a month. Pingo is also the ultimate worldwide virtual calling card provider.

With a company and leading service provider such as Pingo, you can not go wrong, especially when you can get cheap international calls.

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