Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day with TwiceBabies

This Labor Day, all the family came to our home. It is nice having events at our home every now and then; especially with the gils being able to run around in a familiar setting and just have loads of fun!

We had hot dogs, tri-tip, brats, salad, corn, hors d’Ĺ“uvres , vanilla and chocolate ice cream my hubby made, and birthday cake for Uncle Mel's 60th Birthday.

Today started out in the 90's and by 5ish got down to low 70's, mid 80's, with gusts of wind. So, we were able to shut of our A/C. That was nice anyway since our screen door was open constantly anyway.

Goodness, Twins "A&E" had a blast. They were running all over the house, outside, playing with their volleyball and soccor balls with their Auntie and Cousin. Oh my, our little sweeties are hams all the way.
The thing is, when people they have not seen for a while come over, they tend to shy away and cling to Mommy or Daddy. That is what they did today. And, I am glad they do this too. It shows me I am still, along with their blankie, their security.

Then, after I would say 20-30 mintues, my girls just had fun.

It was a good day and when 8:15 came around, they were more than ready to go down for the evening.
Hope you all had a blessed and SaFe Labor Day!!

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