Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Twins with Personalilty Plus

The older my twins get, the more their personalities begin to come into bloom.

When my girls are doing their best to communicate something to me, they always point to what they are looking at or want with words like, "B" or "Goahshs catsga".

About four months ago, I began teaching them sign language with this Baby Sign card I received from one of my Mommy and Me Club meetings. So far, my twins know: Bib, Eat, Sleep, More, Enough or Done, Love, Juice and Milk.

With these signs, I am able to communicate a bit more with them, but it has taken a while for them to begin using these signs. Their sign and verbalization for going to the bathroom is, "Pee Pee," and some other word I will not tell share with you,along with them showing me where they need or want to go "pee pee".

Oh, my twins have the sweetest dispositions. They love to me near me, at all times and they love running to, "Mama, Mama, Mama".

Did your twins ever slow down once they learned to walk? Mine have not.

My twins love each other, but to the point where they egg each other on all the time. When I see them fighting, I tell them to L-O-V-E each other!!

Goodness, I am blessed indeed with sweet baby girls. Praise you Jesus for my twins.

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