Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who Pays When Doctors Goes Bankrupt?!

Since the economy has turned for the worse in many areas of the country, doctor's offices have had to shut their doors or file a chapter 11 bankruptcy. Just like physicians, some Lasik Eye clinics or offices have had to close their doors as well. One Lasik eye care company had to close their to doors due to their shares going down to $0.02. With this being the case for a handful of Lasik Eye care facilities throughout the nation, USAEyes has a solution for their clients. In fact, USAEyes provides lasik information, lists Lasik doctors who meet a certain patient outcome requirement, steps for patients to avoid any eye or financial problem. USAEyes will also answer just about all your Lasik questions, for free.

If or when a Lasik Eye Care Clinic have to close their doors due to financial reasons, Glenn Hagele, director for the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance, will be your advocate. Glenn sees these situations as quite unfortunate for any current patient who recently had Lasik Eye surgery.

This is something many patients probably do not think about, but it might be appropriate for a Lasik Eye patient to ask if their doctor will provide them a long-term warranty, if they could see their financial statements and if their can be promised medical services to be excluded from a possible bankruptcy. Any or all of these questions are something which should be asked prior to any medical procedure, regardless of the economy.

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