Monday, August 9, 2010

TwiceToddlers and their Lab Appointment

Last Thursday, my twins and I went to our local lab for blood tests. Daddy and I filled out all the forms as always. Once my name was called, myself and my twins went into the room where my blood was drawn. I told my twins, "It just feels like a pinch and it is over." I told them, "I have been doing this since I was 9 years old." Once my blood was drawn, it was Twin "A"s turn. Since she was not tall enough to have her arm reach the arm rest, she sat on me, while I held her left arm and elbow in place.

Twin "A" was much more calmer than Twin "B". In fact, Twin "A" did not cry at all. Twin "A" did get fussy, but I told her to look away or close her eyes.

When it was Twin "B"'s turn, she was already freaking out and wanted to sit on Daddy. So, Twin "B" sat on Daddy and as soon as she saw the needle go into her arm, the water works and screaming all came out. Poor Twin "B", she just could not handle it.

After their blood was drawn, they both given two stickers and we went home. Last Friday, I got a call from the lab in Modesto saying, "My twins were fine. No problems at all." I said, "Oh yeah, well I thought they were alright. They have so much energy and never slow down. Thank you for the call."

So, yeah, my twins are healthy as can be. Praise you Lord..

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