Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers at the San Jose Jazz Festival

Last weekend, Mommy, Daddy and the Twins went to my Aunt and Uncle's home in San Jose. They had invited us to the San Jose Jazz Festival a week before. When I first moved to NorCal, the four of us went to the SJ Jazz Festival. That must have been in the late 90's that I attended. I recall it being really warm that day in the 90's, but this time, it was chilly. My twins and I were wearing clothes for a warm day. It is a good thing I brought my twins their white sweater's. Funny, I have no idea what happened to those white sweater's.

But I digress...

When we got into the jazz festival, we first got something to eat. Oh, there was a lot of yummy food to choose from at each stand. I ate some fried calamari and the twins had their own, BIG, hot dog. My uncle was looking for the Blue Stage, but we ended up at the Salsa Stage. My uncle got a whole lot of Chinese and Mexican food. I think my hubby just got a hot dog too.

Well, after getting our meal, we sat on the blanket I brought. My Aunt and Uncle opened their chair's and the twins sat on those. Since we were in front of the Salsa stage, we were sitting on the asphalt. That was a nice place to sit.

So, we all got up and walked back to the front of the festival looking for the Blue Stage. As it turns out, the Blue Stage was behind the Salsa Stage. Well, we were not going to turn around so we walked to the Main Stage, opened the blanket, chairs and sat down on the grass. This was a much better place to sit, indeed.

While sitting down, the band was warming up for the next act. I really can not recall the woman who was singing because I was looking at my twins and making sure they were not wondering off anywhere.

We did have a good time, but next year, we will be going to San Jose earlier so we get to the festival eariler too.

Here are some photos of my twins and other photos.

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