Friday, August 27, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Non-Stop Play

I do not know about your children, but if given the chance, my twins would play all day, everyday! As soon as the sun rises in the morning until it sets a night, my twins would be playing indoors or outdoors(weather permitting).

The only reason my twins do not play all day is, I give them nap time. If I do not give them a nap, they will be cranky fall asleep really early in the evening. Take for instance yesterday. When my twins got home from school, I read their books to them, we went for a walk (that was an adventure in and of itself), we came home and they watched some cartoons. As they were watching cartoons, I made them dinner as I was getting ready for my Girls Night Out.

Now, because they did not take their nap, after coming home from their outing with Daddy, they took a bath and probably watched one show. Usually they watch 2-3 shows before going to bed. When I got home from my night out, guess what! You guessed it, my twins were out like a light! They wanted to stay up for Mommy, but missing their afternoon nap made them so tired. When I got home, I went into their room, prayed over them and kissed them goodnight. Usually, we have this whole routine we go through every night, both twins, but not tonight.

Anyway, if I do not put my twins down for a nap, they would indeed play non-stop, all day, everyday. Is this what your children, my twins age, are like too?

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