Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers and The Heat Today

Oh goodness, it was so hot today. It reached 103 in my city. Mommy thought it was hotter than the twins. In fact, they did not fuss about it at all even though Mommy put them in yellow tank tops and a skirt today.

Was it 103 in your city today? If so, I bet you had your A/C on too. My A/C went on automatically once it reached 82 degrees. Not only was it HOT today, the sun was so bright in our eyes. This heat felt like it was weighing down on my face and body. Wearing sunglasses did not seem to help at all.

My twins worn sunglasses to, oh they look so cute with sunglasses. When my twins came home from school, the heat seemed to get hotter it got me thinking, nobody could survive in the heat unless they had A/C or water to cool them down.

Now, I have been in warmer weather in my city, but for some reason, this heat today went over and beyond the heat I was used to. Especially since the month of August is almost over and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, this heat creeps up on us. OUCH!

When the heat is this bad, my twins and their class stay indoors at school and at home. There is NO way, children, adults and the elder, should be outside in such heat.

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