Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TwiceToddlers Building a Castle with Their Blocks

These building blocks have been a great tool for my twins imagination. Yes, I have written about my twins building with these blocks, but it just amazes me how much they really like this toy too.

For some time now, I had thought of getting another one for them since they fight all the time over what color or size blocks they want. But then I thought, how are they going to learn to share their toys if I keep buying them the same toys.

When my twins were two years old, I purchased this for them. The reason I got these bigger blocks for them is because they were BIGGER and not as easy to swallow. I also like these big blocks because they come in their own bag. A great bag my twins can put the blocks back into, zip up and put away.

As lovely as it sounds, my twins putting their blocks away, it rarely if ever, happens. It seems that wherever my twins roam, so does their toys, especially the Big Blocks.

I find it great to have a Great Room, but my twins toys do not stay in this Great Room. Oh no, these Big Blocks find their way in the Living Room, Kitchen, Spare Room, Master Room, The Twins Room, Hallway, Bathroom and anywhere in between.

Here are my twins building with their Big Blocks in the Living Room.

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