Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers Taking Photos of Mommy

My twins, they are going to be shutterbugs, no doubt. They see Mommy taking photographs, especially of them, and they want my camera. Now, my camera was quite expensive so I do not allow them to handle it unless I am around. Even when I allow them to take photos, I put the strap around their neck. If they dropped my camera, that would make Mommy a very unhappy camper indeed.

So, here are my twins taking photos of us sitting on the long couch in the Living Room. My camera is pretty easy to photos since it has a wide viewfinder. I can see one of my twins, at least, studying photography either online or at a nearby college for the arts.

My twins are so precious!!! They ask Mommy and Sister to do exactly what I would say to them. Things like, "Okay, put your hand over here and smile. Stand in this position and turn to the camera. Look here!, etc."

Here are photos my twins took of our couch session:

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