Friday, August 20, 2010

TwiceToddler "B" Receives "Kid of the Day" Award

My twins, they are either hard of hearing or simply do not obey Mommy. As Mommy, I choose the latter as I know my twins doctor said they have excellent hearing and vision.

With that said, it seems my twins are listening and doing better in school, than they are at home. I just do not get it, how come children are more likely to listen and obey their teacher than their parents?

But I digress...

Today at school, one of my twins, TwiceToddler "B", received the "Kid of the Day" Award. The award was a photo pin, with her photo on it, that she got to wear because during the school day she obeyed her teacher. Oh, I am so proud of her. She got out the car at home, since Daddy picks our twins up, and jumped into my arms. She was so, so she should be.

TwiceToddler "B" is usually the one who does not obey Mommy and that is why this was a big deal to her and Mommy.

Go TwiceToddler "B"!!

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