Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Their Stuffed Animals

I am not sure about your children, but my twins love, I mean LOVE, their stuffed animals. They have so many stuffed animals, they could open not only their own toy store, but own zoo for stuffed animals. (ha, ha).

As much as I try and keep their toys in one room, they tend to migrate to all the rooms in my home. Our Family Room is where all their big toys are and their smaller toys, stuffed animals, are in their bedroom.

My twins tend to 'set up shop' wherever they move to. On this day, and everyday, they were playing with some of their favorite stuffed animals on Mommy's bed. This was their first day of school and they were getting ready to watch one of their 'new' favorite cartoons and take their afternoon nap.

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