Thursday, August 26, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Runs into an Old Friend

Today when my twins got home from school, I read them their books on the Family Room couch. Once the books were read, I had them change into their walking shoes or flip flops. The flip flops are much easier to walk in.

On our walk, we were hoping to play with one or two of the kitties that come out of hiding to greet us. Well, even though it was windy today, there was still some heat and this is why the kitties were more likely than not, indoors.

So, we missed the kitties today, but continued on our walk anyway. Well, my twins, they really are not fans of listening to Mom and got way ahead of me. When I finally caught up to them, Twin "B" had stopped next to a lady outside her car.

As I approached her car, she looked familiar to me. I could not recall her name, but as soon as we saw each other, we greeted each other with a warm, "Hey, I know you! We used to go the same church together." That is when we exchanged names and talked for about 5 minutes. Catching up on things and watching my twins running away from me as always.

Anyway, it was nice seeing her again and she gave me her business card. She still lives in the city I live in. Maybe soon, we will spend the afternoon together when she is not working.

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