Thursday, August 12, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Using L'Oreal Collegen Micro-Pulse

Since signing up to be a Bzz Agent, I have been asked to test products out at home. One of many products I have been able to test out is this Collegen Micro-Pulse from L'Oreal. The Collegen Micro-Pulse comes in a convenient tube with two steps. For Step One, I apply the Collegen cream under my eyes two times a day, morning and evening. For Step Two, I turn on the Micro-Pulse and following the directions, allow the pulse on the tip of the cream tube to remove the puffiness under my eyes.

First, I gently apply the cream under both my eyes, then turn on the Micro-Pulse and start in the middle, under both my eyes, and move the Micro-Pulse to the end of my eyes where there might be puffiness or wrinkles.

Here is a photo of what my eyes look like since using this L'Oreal Collegen Micro-Pulse beauty product. This photo was taken by myself.

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