Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Headbands are So Lovely and Beautiful

When my twins were preemies, I was always looking for baby flower headbands . Not only were my twins tiny, they had no hair. These headbands allows others to see they were girls. These types of headbands are also breathtaking and are made with love. When baby girls are born, their hair is still growing in and need something to set them apart for the baby boys. This is when wearing a baby flower headband comes in handy. Not only are these headbands beautiful, they show others who come into contact with you and your baby, that she is a girl. Flower headbands come in an array of colors and flowers too. Depending on what outfit your baby is wearing, she can wear a matching color headband.

The toddler headbands can be purchased in all the colors of the rainbow. Whether your toddler loves the color blue, pink, green, animal print or any other color imaginable, these colors can be worn on her head. If your toddler wants a headband with more than one color, this too is available. Some headbands come with the colors black and white, pink and white, pink and brown or red and black.

Now that my twins are in kindergarten, they are wearing toddler headbands all the time. I love seeing my twins wear these fancy headbands. Especially when they choose their own headbands, which somehow are always the same.

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