Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TwiceToddlers Wearing RED in Kindergarten

This is my twins first official week of Kindergarten. I have to say, they love it. They are having so much fun with their teacher and meeting new friends. My twins went into kindergarten already knowing two friends, one from church and one from preschool. This is what made it an easy transition for them I am sure.

This week, my twins did projects on the Color RED. So, Mommy cut out 4 RED items from magazines for each of my twins, put them in envelopes and marked the envelope as RED or Homework.

Today, my twins worn something RED to school. Last year, I purchased a RED Old Navy T for them reading, "Miss Indepen Dent". This is what they wore today with denim shorts.

Also, this week, they began bringing home books for Mommy and Daddy to read to them. Well, actually, Mommy reads to them, but they love the books they pick out and bring home in a book bag with additional homework for the day.

Here are my twins wearing their RED outfit for today.

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