Friday, August 27, 2010

TwiceToddlers Go To Costco

When Daddy came home from work, TwiceToddlers, Daddy and Mommy went to Costco. Let's see, the things we have to replace were Tri Tip, Nuggets for the girls, bacon, batteries and a couple other things. My twins love going to Costco. Daddy and Mommy used to put them in the carts, but they like to not walk, but run around. Oh yes, they run around and never, ever stay near us. I do not understand them, it is as if they are deaf to our requests to stay near us. Maybe we should put them back on these toddler leashes, do you think these would help. Or, would it just look weird having, almost 5 year old twins, on leashes.

Along with going to Costco, Daddy dropped me and one of the twins off at Michael's. I went back, yes back, to get some more melting chocolate and colored vanilla melts too. When I was there, I also got some blue dissolving roses for the girls bath and two birthday gifts for them. I am slowing purchasing birthday gifts for me. So far, I have purchased small gifts for them, not things they have requested.

Then, I went into Walmart alone and got two birthday gifts for my friends birthday's this weekend. The one thing I was looking for, I could not find. This is either because they are not sold there anymore or they were moved to a new location. So, I had to improvise and purchase what I could.

Yeah, it was a nice evening this Friday, even though my twins, still refuse to stop their running and disobeying Mommy and Daddy.

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