Monday, August 4, 2008

TwiceBabies: The Potty and Jar of Candies

Ever since I saw my sister give her boys, who were being potty trained, an incentive to us the potty, I decided to do the same. So, this past week, I went to mass retailer and purchased a clear jar (with top) and some M&Ms.

Now, I have to keep reminding my twins this: "The only way you are going to get some M&Ms is if you tell Mommy you have to to potty. If you go potty in your diaper, you get no M&Ms."

Since telling my twins this, Twin "A", more than Twin "B", semi understand the concept.

If they go pee pee, they get two M&Ms of any color and if they go poo poo, they get three M&Ms of any color.

Because my twins like candy or anything sweet, this incentive to get out of diapers before they are 3.5 years old should work.

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