Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TwiceBabies, Ma Ti Ma and Olivia

Today, my twins babysitter came over to watch my girls for about two hours. She was running late, as usual. She works in another city before coming to my home. This woman works so hard. I can see why she forgets what she is doing half the time.

Anyway, her daughter, who is in the Army, just had a baby girl two weeks ago if I am not mistaken. She has already seen her first grandchild who is living in FL right now. This is where her daughter and son-in-law are stationed. I believe my babysitter will be going some time this month to see her granddaughter again.

Okay, so anyway, Ma Ti Ma and Olivia took my twins to the mall and played in the game section of the mall where my twins were able to ride this toddler style carousel and other rides for toddlers. Then, they went to eat some fries and something else at a food court eatery.

While they were out, I went to my outlet mall and purchased two ballerina Barbie Dolls from Tuesday Morning, two brown pair of sweatpants and 2 short sleeves shirts from The Gap, 2 fleece PJs (one with Kitty Kats, one with Ballerina Slippers) and 2 Kitty Kat short sleeve shirts for my twins 3rd birthday coming up soon.

Then, I came home and they were still out. So, I began writing an article due next week. About 20 minutes later, Ma Ti Ma comes home and Twin As head is on her shoulder, asleep and Twin B is being held by Olivia, who is half Twin Bs size. So, I told them to place my girls on the couch to continue sleeping.

The only reason my twins were tired was because they would not, I repeat, would not take their afternoon nap.

Well, they had a fun day and so did Mommy.

Praise the Lord for babysitters, regardless of how reliable they are.

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