Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TwiceBabies Day with Their Tiny Friend

Today, my twins got to spend the day with their friend from church at our home. My friend had to take her other son to a hospital about a hour or two away from our city. The hosptial visit was from 10AM-1PM.

So, her precious, little boy, stayed with me and my twins. Oh we had so much fun. It is a good thing he already knew me from watching him in the nursery at our church and from all our playdates together. He was so much fun and loved walking all over our home, jumping on my twins bed with them and playing outside with my twins.
When it was lunch time, my twins friend ate like I wish my twins would eat. He is such a good eater. I mean, I do not have to continullay ask him to eat. He ate his half PJB Sandwich in no time and ate almost each and every green grape I placed in front of him. Yeah for my twins friends eating habits. Now, it is time for my twins to follow in his footsteps.

My twins just love him and talk about him and his brother when they are apart.

Here are some photos of my twins and their friend from yesterday.

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