Monday, August 4, 2008

TwiceBabies: Daddy takes his girls for a stroll

When Daddy came home, the girls were wild, as always. They love their Daddy to pieces.

After our girls ate their 'dinner', Daddy packed them into their stroller, which they have totally outgrown, and strolled them to our very local park.

Once at the park, they played on the slides, swings and other play equipment. They probably played, and released all that energy, for an hour. Around the same time we played at the park this morning too.

If it was doable, I would probably take my twins to the park more than once a day. But, in all reality, that is a big, fat NO. Once a day is all I can do at this time. Although, when we get our new swing set built in our backyard, going to a park in the winter not be necessary.

I can't wait to get this swing set built and ready for play at the end of August.

Yeah for at home swing set play stations.

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