Friday, August 1, 2008

TwiceBabies and Friends at Mt House Aquatic Park

This morning, my twins and I drove to a local aquatic park and played with our friends. While there, some other family decided to take one of our shovels home with them. Goodness, don't you just love it when you go to a park with your children and you leave with less than what you went to the park with? It gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling.

I mean, you would think the parent would say, "This is not ours, put it down." That is what I say and my girls put it down. In many societies, taking what is not yours is also called stealing. Maybe stealing is an old fashioned term and just a norm these days.

Anyway, my twins and I had fun, nonetheless. I just had to vent.

Once in our town, I went to In N Out, got my girls a small chocy shake and Mommy and #2, light onions. Then once home, I got my girls their unfinished PBJ out of the car and we sat to eat our lunches. Well, Mommy ate hers with no problem, my twins on the other hand had to be fed their lunches by Mommy.

After lunch, we took our afternoon nap until 4:00, watched some HI-5 and them took a bath.

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