Saturday, August 16, 2008

TwiceBabies at LUAU

On Saturday, one of my aunt's had her annual LUAU in her backyard. There is usually 65-70 people there. The majority family and the friends.

Last year, my husband, twins and I went with my parents, just like we did this year. This year though, my twins were more aware of where they were and became frightened around all the people they did not know.

But, after an hour, they began to cool down and have fun with their cousins, second cousins, Auntie and Second Auntie's too.

This year was my parents 40 wedding anniversary, so I, along with two of my Aunt's and Sister, had a cake made for them and I purchased some wedding/anniversary accessories for their special day. Also, my Aunt and her family, who have the LUAU, also gave my Mom and Dad a weekend at their San Diego home.

Here are photos from the LUAU.

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