Thursday, August 7, 2008

TwiceBabies: Auntie in Hospital

While I was changing my twins diapers yesterday morning, I heard my phone ring, but could not get to it in time. My Mom had called to tell me my sister was at her doctor's office because she was feeling pain what seemed like kidney stones building up.

When my sister was pregnant with her third child, my nephew, she had to wait for kidney stones to pass through her body, I think. She may have had them removed.

This time, the pain was more intense and when she woke up yesterday morning, she drove herself to the doctor's so my husband could watch the boys. By brother in law had to get to work though so my Mom drove down to my sister's home to take care of the boys.

My sister's doctor said her appendix was bad and needed to be removed, or parts of it. Later that evening, around 6PM, my sister went into surgery, arthroscopic, to clean out or remove the appendix that was ruptured or damaged. Arthroscopic surgery is usually intended for knee or shoulder surgery patients. In 1997, I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee to remove an enlarged lateral meniscus. Today, I can walk perfectly. Only wish back in high school my doctors could have repaired my knee so I could continue doing what I loved: running.

This morning, I called my sister to see how she was doing. Besides having her appendix burst, the surgery went fine and she would probably be out of the hospital this afternoon or evening.

Goodness, I emailed all my friends to pray for her and that the Lord would guide the doctor's hands during the surgery. Praise the Lord my sister is doing well.

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