Monday, August 4, 2008

TwiceBabies: Afternoon at the Park

This late morning and into the early afternoon, I took my twins to a park we love to go to a lot. This park has a sand box with riding toys and digging toys. This park also has lots of play equipment and a mister that comes on every 2-5 minutes.
Today, when we arrived at the park,we were all alone, then another Mom and her two children, plus her friend arrived.

The temp was not too hot, yet, but I could feel the warmth of the sun making its presence known on the plastic swings and slides.

Here are my twins, and a little two year old named after TwiceBaby "A", on some slide equipment.

I had intended to take my girls earlier than when I left, but I was lazy.

"Just Another Manic Monday..."

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