Monday, January 30, 2012

TwiceGirlies at Trader Joe's aka TJ's

Don't you just love Trader Joe's (aka TJs)? If there was a TJs in my city, this store would be the only place I would grocery shop..for the most part. Whenever I walk in there, I am so excited, so are my twins. My hubby knows I will go over the top and practically buy everything in the store.

My twins have always wanted to use the kids shopping carts. This time at TJs my twins were able to walk around the store with their own. It was so cute, I would place some small products, like canned re fried beans, whole beans, sardines, kids juice drinks, kids waters, yogurt and so much more. Yes, so much more.

As soon as I walk into TJs, I go down the middle aisle, slowly look around, take a couple products I use, off the shelves, them move down the aisle to the left and continue looking for goodies I like in those aisles. Not only does TJs have the best fruits and veggies around, they have amazing frozen food like fish, pasta meals, Chinese meals and more. There is also an array of drinks like iced tea, sparkling water, coconut water and kids drinks too. Aside from these drinks TJs have the best coffee, hot chocolate and teas. Yesterday at TJs, I walked up to the coffee bar, as I always do, filled a tiny cup with cream, coffee and a packet of TJs organic sugar. I loved it and asked one of the employees if I could have one of the sugar packets. He said, "Sure take as many as you want." Then he walked over to the coffee bar and picked up two handfuls of sugar packets and wrapped them in foil.

WOW, this the reason I love shopping at TJs, their customer service is superb. They employees go over and beyond to answer customer questions and make them feel at home in their stores. I am still hoping a TJs will set up shop in my city. I keep waiting and waiting. But until then, I am willing to drive 25 miles to shop at a store I love.

Aside from the foods my twins had in their carts, I can not forget the JoJos. There are Trader Joe's version of Oreo's and they are so yummy. My twins, Mommy and Daddy like them so much.. One of my twins filled her little cart full of JoJo's and kids snack bars. I am sure all the TJs has a JoJo Tiger in their store too. I asked our cashier where JoJo was in the store and she pointed out where he was. So, I walked my twins over to see him near the produce section, on top of one of the shelves. Then I told my twins to tell JoJo how much they love the JoJos cookies and it was nice to see him.

From there, we walked back to the register and my twins wrote on the chalkboard. That chalkboard is a lifesaver for my twins when it is time to leave keeps them busy. This is a great idea TJs came up with. TJs is totally kid friendly too. Not only is TJs an adult grocery shopping paradise, kids are able to stay occupied as well.

Thank you TJs for all the awesome foods products you sell and keeping my twins occupied. I am your loyal customer. Now please set up shop in my city.

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