Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TwiceGirlies in Jazz Class

My twins have been taking dance classes for two years now, off and on, at Starlight Studios. Yeah, their first class was a Combo Ballet/Tap class and they were 4 years old. Since my twins have so much energy, I thought they needed to release some of that energy in dance classes.

When my twins first started taking dance class, they did it with two of their friends and they had fun dancing together. My twins love taking dance classes with their friends. I mean, who would not want to take a dance class with friends, huh?

Well, this year instead of taking a ballet class, I enrolled them in a Jazz class. The jazz class, unlike ballet, is a bit faster, indeed. This class is excellent for my twins as sitting still and/or doing elegant dance moves, are not for them right now. I say right now because I would like to enroll them again in a ballet class. Maybe once my twins are able to sit and stand still, ballet will be more to their liking.

I am just glad they like to dance, period. Right now, my twins are the only ones in their Jazz class, so if any of their friends want to join them in this class, just click on the above website and look at the schedules available.

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