Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TwiceGirlies and Their Playdate

So, tomorrow after school, my twins will be having a play date with one of their best friends. For months now, my twins have been asking Mommy for a play date with one of their church/classmate friends. At the end of the day, when my twins were getting ready for bed, I told them about tomorrow.
You see, I never, ever...tell my twins about an event about to occur, before it occurs. If I do, they will talk about it and talk about it to ad nauseam. I mean, I was not going to tell them at all, but I was trying to get them to obey Mommy before going to bed. Well, it worked because they went to bed in twenty minutes, instead of an hour.

Tomorrow the play date will be at my home and the girls can play indoors or outdoors. I just hope the weather is warm enough for the girls to play outdoors. It is highly unlikely it will rain, but you never know!
Let's see, my twins have a lot of fun toys and dolls to play with..and games too. So, instead of watching a two hour movie, the girls will other things to keep them busy and have fun too. My twins friend will also be eating over..I am thinking pizza as it is an easy food to eat with friends over and I do not have to prepare anything.

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