Sunday, January 15, 2012

TwiceGirlies Learning To Read In One Minute

Last week my twins came on with this story of a bear that they had to read in one minute. Since they had not read the story before, Mommy read the story aloud to them. I pronounced each word to them while putting a pencil under each word as I read the story.

The purpose of my twins reading this way is that everyday they will get better at reading sentences, which make up the story. This is actually a great way to learn to read.

So, after Mommy reads the story to them, then I give them the story and they have to read it to me in one minute. Usually on the first they of their reading, the numbers are my twins read the  story each day, their word reading is supposed to progress.

The progress of learning the words and what the story is about is really working. The majority of the words are from their sight word folder and this makes reading easier for my twins as well.

My twins new story in on The Bus. This story is easy to read and they really are getting the hang of it, along with Mommy reading them questions about the story and telling me if A, B or C is the correct answer.

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