Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TwiceGirlies Learning To Read Better

Over Christmas break, I read to my twins and they read to me a lot. My twins like this one book Nana got them called It's Time to Sleep, My Love. This book is awesome and contains a lot of animals in this story. Along with this adorable book about sleepy time, Nana got her twins granddaughters a puffy, fluffy Panda Bear. My twins LOVE Panda's and with the book, it was an excellent addition.

This book and stuffed animal is from the Kohl's Cares Program and they proceeds to to various education programs. This is not the only book either, right now, they have some familiar children's book that are on their website.

Along with the lap desk I got my twins, they loved this Panda and book set. Yeah Nana! Nana knows her twin granddaughters love Pandas..

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