Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TwiceGirlies Play in Forest

In my front yard is a spot that looks somewhat like a mini forest. My twins love playing in this mini forest. The "forest" has a variety of small trees, shrubs and rocks between the trees and shrubs. The bed of rocks looks like it could be a stream.

Well, on warm days, my twins love playing in the "forest" with their Panda's and some other stuffed animals. My twins like to hide the Panda's and one of my twins has to look for the Panda. Oh and sometimes one of my twins "hides" in the "forest" so the other twin can find them. I play this game with they and they love it.

My twins are very creative in their outdoors activities. This "forest" is a fun place to play I have to admit. The previous owners of our home had the front yard landscaped to have this "forest" added to the home. Although, I am sure they did not know this "forest" would ever be a play area. I am not sure how long ago the landscaping was done, but it has looked the same way, I am sure, since we moved in.

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