Monday, January 2, 2012

TwiceGirlies Love Portable Desk

One Christmas gift Mommy got my TwiceGirlies was a portable desk. One of my friends daughter has a portable desk where she can store paper, pens and books. Well, I have had a portable, lap desk, since I was in high school which my Mom got for me. Yes, I still have it and it has been over twenty years now.

Well, this portable desk is pink, with a princess design on the outside and a soft and squishy lap bottom. This lap desk also have a white washboard on the cover that closes.  I do not see it anymore on Amazon, but my girls LOVE it. They use it all the time and they have their colored pens and colored pencils, from Auntie Amy and Nana, in the lap desks. Oh, and I but some activity pads and the small books they read, and bring home, in the lap desks too.

This is just an all around fun gift and I am glad they like it. I was not sure if it was something they would like, but as it turns out, the LOVE it. Yeah for Mom!!

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