Monday, January 2, 2012

TwiceGirles in Christmas Play, "Christmas Hang Ups"

This was a fun Christmas play. The whole play made me laugh and all the characters, actors and singers alike, were fun to watch and hear them sing. Christmas plays are always so traditional, and that is wonderful, but this play was a mix of non-traditional and traditional all at the same time.

My twins only had one singing part with the other Angels and Stars. When my twins were rehearsing for this play, like them, I learned the songs too. My twins and Mommy practiced at home on days before their rehearsing at our church. So, during the play, well, I was singing right along with them. I mean, I could not help it.

Well, here are the photos I took of them singing. I was taking video, but my card was out of space. I knew I should have purchased another card last year! 

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