Monday, February 2, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Cookie the Dog

When my twins go to their babysitter in Monday, they now talk about their dog, Cookie. I can not remember what breed she is, but she is a tall dog with long fur. Cookie is the sweetest dog and I see my my twins love talking about her.

The good thing about Cookie is, she is well behaved and does not jump on my twins.

My twins go to this babysitter once a week and love going because they get to do crafts with their other friend who is also watched by their babysitter. Oh, and my twins actually obey their babysitter.

How come, children always obey a teacher figure more than their parent(s)? I do not get it and would like a real good answer as to why this phenomenon occurs. Mommy, that is me, is not too happy with her twins with they will not listen to her. Even for the simpliest of things.

Oh well, I guess this is something we will all have to go through.

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