Thursday, February 19, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Everybody Jump Rope

There is this semi new Disney show for toddlers that my twins like to watch. It is comprised of five guys who work in a warehouse. Whenever anyone has a problem that needs to be solved, they come into the warehouse and ask for help. This warehouse has probably over 100 rooms and each room covers any issue the five guys may have or customers, who come asking for help, might has as well.

The show is great in that is gets my twins dancing, singing, running, jumping and just having a blast. There is one show called "Too Cool". In this show, they guys are singing, "Everybody Jump Rope, Everybody Jump Rope." So now, my twins want a jump rope. The guys in the show do not actually use a jump rope, but the fact they are singing about a jump rope has got my twins wanting to jump rope now.

I have to watch a lot of these shows with my twins just in case a commercial or 'middle' show that comes on talks about something or shows something I do not want my twins to hear or see. In fact, I am doing my best to have my twins, if they must watch TV, watch shows in the On Demand section where there are no commercials.

God Bless my twins precious and very vulnerable minds.

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