Monday, February 2, 2009

TwiceToddlers attending School

This morning, after dropping my girls off at daycare, I went to this school down the street from me to turn in my twins applications. The only thing is, in the summer when I went to get information on my twins going to school there, I was given the wrong information. This does not surprise me.

So, when I went to turn in the applications, a different lady at the front desk to me my twins had to be 4 before I could not turn in the applications and there was a lottery for them to join this school.

You see, this is a charter school that everyone wants to get into. I live on the same street this school is on. So, I am hoping we get because I live close to this school and because the student/teacher ratio is low. But, if this is where the Lord wants my twins to go, this is where they will go.

After the new information from the charter school, I called another school where another of my girlfriends kids attend. They said my twins have to be 5 years old and be enrolled in the school close to our home, first.

What this means is, my twins might have to attend the school close to us, in kindergarten, before being accepted to the two schools of our choice. Even in my city, the competition to get into a good school is fierce. Who would have known.

Lord, if it is Your will, please allow my twins to get into one of these two good schools. Preferable the one right now the street from us.

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