Friday, February 27, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Ribbits

A couple of days ago, I was searching the Focus of the Family website for books and videos for my twins. There is this one video series I found called Ribbits. It looked fun and entertaining from the outside photo and description of each video. So, I have my DH purchase the series (3 DVDs).

Well, yesterday, after my twins lap, we all watched the DVDs together. My twins were not at all focused on these DVDs. I am thinking it is because my twins are so used to the Little Einsteins, Micky Mouse Club, Tigger and Pooh and Imagination Movers shows. The Ribbits DVDs were slow and I guess boring to them.

My twins even like the Praise Baby Collection better than this Christian Children's Series. This DVD series did have a little bit of a Christian theme through it, but I was not happy at all with how ZondervanKids (who makes these DVDs) calls the Bible, The Good Book, I think. Children, even as young as 3, my twins ages, know what the Bible is and it will confuse them when they hear The Good Book and not the Bible.

This 'watering down' of what the Bible is and does is very disheartening to say the very least. But, this is the way our world, even the church is going. At least I can see it, right before my eyes. All I wanted was a new Christian DVD series for my twins that was a little more for their age, but still taught them about Jesus, love, patience, kindness, respect, you know, things like.

I would have to give this children's DVD series a 3 or our 5. Shame on ZondervanKids for 'watering or dumbing down' the bible to calling it The Good Book.

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