Friday, February 27, 2009

TwiceToddlers and the CIty Hall Water Fountain

Every week after daycare, my twins just have to 'Go Downtown'. Now, the city I live in is small, under 100K, and the downtown is small, more homey than large and scary. The downtown area also have a brand new city hall. The city hall has in front of it a very large water fountain.

This water fountain has caught the fancy of my twins. For some reason, every week, at least once a week, they ask Mommy to drive 'downtown and go to the water fountain. So, Mommy drives downtown to the water fountain. I only do this if they are good though. Good means no fighting or crying.
As Mommy makes her way downtown and drives on the major street towards city hall, my twins say, "I see it, I see it." From where I am driving, there is no way they could 'see it'. They just like saying this. My twins also say they see our home, even though I am not on our street yet. Our street is two streets away, but they do know how to get to our home and the general vicinity of where our home is. That is pretty good for a 3.3 year old toddler. In fact, my twins have know where our house is since they were 2 years old.
So, I am thinking that this fascination with going downtown will eventually fade and they will want to do something else after daycare or school once they begin that.
Silly TwiceToddlers!

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  1. I don't know why, but all of my kids as toddlers loved water, lol!