Saturday, January 1, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) Christmas at Nana, Papa, Auntie Amy, Grammie and Poppas Home

This Christmas, my twins, Mommy(Me) and Daddy went down to my parents home. We had a wonderful week with my parents. Our time together went by way too fast. Because it is Winter, my twins stayed indoors more than they would have liked to. It was windy and so cold. But, Papa and the twins did play in the backyard on the swings. My twins love standing on the seat of the swing and they did that often on our Christmas vacation.

My Mom and I did a little shopping at some of the stores in her city. The stores she shops at are not in my city. While shopping, I purchased a new dining table set. It was at a price I could not pass up. I also purchased a table runner and place mats for my new(and free)dining table. I love my new dining table and cushioned chairs.

On Christmas Eve, my twins, Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Papa,drove to my sister's home. My twins, of course, had so much fun! They love seeing and playing with their cousins, my nephews. My sister and brother in law, made a delicious dinner for everyone. The kids sat in the kitchen, around the island, while the adults sat in the dining room. Everything prepared was delicious.

After dinner, we made our way to the family room, where the Christmas Tree and presents were. The presents were passed around to everyone. My twins got a tea set and doctor's kit a piece from Auntie, while my nephews got Lego's and a Disney movie from their Auntie(Me). My sister gave me the awesome Navy Blue Pea Coat and Long Sleeve Stripped Shirt, while I gave my Sister a Shirt she wanted and a new coffee mug, with a hot chocolate mix and Peppermint Bark I made for my Mom and Sister.

On Christmas Day, back at my parents home, my twins and I, woke up around 8ish, I think, while Daddy slept in longer. Nana and Papa were up making coffee and getting ready to see their twin granddaughter's open their gifts. Nana and Papa played "Santa", while I watched the twins open each gift that was handed to them.

One gift I have my twins was shipped to my parents home. I knew my twins wanted a new baby doll. So I found it online and shipped it to my parents home. The doll was cute, with red pig tales, eyes that open and shut and and a cute outfit. I also got them a Baby Doctor Barbie and Doctor Barbie, which they really line. Other gifts I got them were no big deal really.

Nana and Papa got them a pretend teaching set, some adorable clothes and their favorite, a Hello Kitty Scooter! They love the scooter, but since the weather has been so cold, and sometimes rainy, they have only used them twice since Christmas.

Since my twins have been indoors due to the weather, they have played with the Play Doh Nana and Papa also gave them and the baby girl doll I have gave, along with the very cute Robotic Tiger and Panda Auntie JuJu gave them.

My twins are very blessed indeed. They received Christmas gifts from both sets of grandparents and Aunties. On my hubby's side of the family, his parents gave my twins some small toy cars to play with and new PJs that are made of fleece.

Their Aunties, my hubby's sister's, gave my twins the Robotic Tiger and Panda, almost like the ones Nana gave them three year's ago. They also got Hello Kitty Walkie Talkies and their Disney Princess Table and Chairs. This is where my twins will play with their Baby Doll, Robotic Tiger and Panda and other toys, along with the Tea Sets from Auntie Amy, my sister.

Oh yes, my twins are very blessed and loved. Not only did they receive gifts from both sides of our family, they received gifts from their Great Auntie's as well. Great Auntie Janice gave them a Disney Sticker Book, they LOVE, and Great Auntie Leenie gave them each as set of Pink Stripped PJ's.

Merry 5th Christmas and Happy New Year My TwiceBabies, Toddlers and Toddlers No More. Mommy and Daddy love you so much.

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