Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and God's Little Princess Devotional Bible and Sweet Dreams Princess Books

Some surveys I do give me rewards. So, with the e-certificates I have accumulated, I purchased two Princess books for my twins. One book is titled: "God's Little Princess Devotional Bible and the other Sweet Dreams Princess God's Little Princess Bedtime Bible Stories, Devotional, & Prayers. Both of these books are by Sheila Walsh.

Ever since receiving them, I have read them to my twins at night, before bedtime, and they love them. Of course, my twins love the covers of both these books and the stories inside as well.

The books both have tiara's on the front, with jewels embedded into the tiaras. One book has a tiara sitting on a satin pillow and the book is pink. The other book has a tiara above the title of the book and the book is white.

I love how my twins look forward to Mommy reading them their books each evening. What I do is, I sit in the middle of my bed, while Twin "A" sits on my left side and Twin "B" sits on my right side.

While reading the books, I either have the television turned off, or muted. I think I will turn the television off beginning tonight. That way, besides them crossing over Mommy to touch each other, there will be no distractions.

These are the books I got for my twins. If you are looking for a book, or books, to get for your princesses, I suggest these ones. I am satisfied with them, and you too will be satisfied.

**Now, if your princesses are not of reading age yet, you will just have to skip over the parts where you read and them your princess read. This is not a problem though. Once your princess is of reading age, you can then read this portion of the book together.**

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