Saturday, January 8, 2011

TwiceToddlers(No More) Wearing Their Disney Costumes

Ever since my twins got their Disney costumes for their birthday, from Nana and Papa, I have had to repair them more than once. One of the costumes, Snow White, I did not know how to fix as it has tulleing on top of the satin. This costume, Grammie fixed for me.

My goodness, it is very very sad when Mommy, Daddy or Grandparents purchase these costumes and then, then, they have to be hemmed or sewn back together! I mean, I can see this has being necessary if they cost us $10.00, but at over $20 for each costume, this is just pathetic.

I am not sure who is getting screwed here, the seamstresses(yes) or the parents (yes). Boy do I miss Made in the U.S.A. products, of all products in America.

Yes, I am totally sure if these products were made in America, they would be made with pride. Okay, enough with my rant....

My twins still love wearing their costumes, once they are fixed. Here they are wearing their costumes at Christmas. They wear these costumes all day, everyday.

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