Thursday, January 6, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) Mommy Went Thrift Shopping Today

This early afternoon, my precious girlfriend picked me up to go shopping. But first, my girlfriend and her son and myself went to Starbucks for a coffee and breakfast sandwich. The sandwich was delicious, as always, and we got a deal on the sandwich. Usually, I purchase a Carmel Mach, but today, I purchased a Cappuccino! It was without flavor, to me, so I added some Nutmeg and Cinnamon to it. Then, it tasted much better.

After our early afternoon at Starbucks, she drove us to the Recycle Treasure-Thrift Store in town. Wow! That store/location was full of stuff. I mean, there were bicycles, old parts to products and appliances outside. Inside, there were old fashioned dresser drawers (which I loved), lots of frames(I purchased two), blankets(homemade and I purchased one), lots of children's toys, kitchen ware, records, Cd's, clothing for men, women and kids too. The one thing I really wanted, but they did not have was old fashioned clothing for little girls(for my twins) and old fashioned hats..If they ever do get them in again, I am sure I can get them at a great price.

I say this because the three items I purchased were only $5!! I looked at the owner and had to do a double take. I said to her, "Are you sure, I can pay more. How do you stay in business?" She said the appliances are her big seller's. So, I paid the low price, asked for a business card and said, "I will be back for more."

On my next visit, I plan to, if they are still in the store, purchase a Punch Set, Turkey Platter and Salt and Pepper Shakers. I love stores like this and am so glad my sweet girlfriend told me about it. This is a store to go back to again and again and again as it changes all the time.

From the thrift store, we went to Michael's. Now, Michael's was cost me so much more than the thrift store. The frames I purchased at the thrift store, practically cost me $1.50 a piece, while at Michael's, the ones I saw there were between $25-$30. But, I was not at Michael's for the frame's. I was there to purchase a plastic container, with top, to keep my paints wet when not used. Did Michael's have them anymore?? NO way...I have no idea why the stopped selling them as I really need one. I am go to begin painting again and having a closed container for my paints was really important to me.

Well, since I was at Michael's, I used my two gift cards on more Happy Birthday sticker for the homemade cards I make and I came upon old fashioned boxes. I have been looking for these type of boxes for....ever....The boxes I found looked like books and luggage. So, I purchased two books of different sizes, one medium luggage box and a small round box.

With my new frames and new Old Fashioned Boxes, I plan to take Old Fashioned Photos of my twins. But first, I need to purchased Old Fashioned Lace Dresses and Hats for my twins. It would be nice to find two Lace Parasol's too. If anyone in cyberspace knows where I can purchase these products, at a very reasonable price (as I need two of each) please let me know.

All in all, I had a very productive shopping day, thank goodness for the two Michael's gift cards...

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