Friday, November 12, 2010

TwiceToddlers (No More) and New Disney Toy

One of the gifts my twins received for their birthday was this Disney Princess Fishing Game. Oh my goodness, they love it! I play this game with them and it is so easy too. I am not a fan of games that have too many directions or rules. Games should be fun and non complicated.

Since my twins received this for their birthday, we have played almost everyday. The game allows for four players and uses batteries. The batteries allow the game to move around and see how many 'gems' a player can pick up with their fishing pole. Whoever has the most gems, wins.

I am so glad they received this game for their birthday, I had been looking online for some easy games for them to play. Especially since we are in the Fall and heading into the Winter months. My twins tend to get bored real fast, as I am sure all children do.

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